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Who are we? We are a center dedicated to the ministry of internal wellness. We provide you with the tools to improve your self, thereby your circumstances. What-ever life path you choose, a healthy body is your vehicle to fulfillment. If you happen to get sick, we create natural alternatives to wellness. If you are confused about your purpose, we can help provide you with clarity.

We are here to help you achieve your ultimate desire for personal growth.

All around us and within us, is nature, life. When one attunes him/her self to the vibrations of life, balance is achieved.The Earth,Air, Fire and waters are the source for healing and balance. 

Eat life energy to promote life energy within, and use the herbal energy of life to promote healing. Meditate on the inner energy of creation to achieve peace.

There is nothing beyond nature, for life constantly reflects. Nature is the reflection of the greater energy of creation, from earth, to the Universe, and to that which is un-nameable.

Love is, to love ones self is to be full of life. Love is life, for it promotes birth, through fusing of energies, of the seen and unseen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The mind can only conceive that within its boundaries, so we must expand beyond that, to the infinite energy of love. Love is fullness, and nothing can hold it back for it is pure energy flow, as no fear can stop it. Only we can love our selves, for all else is a reflection of experience upon this physical planet. Our actions thereby are those which reflect our own self love. Love of our body and that which we consume are our only possession on this planet . The work that we do is the love of that which we do with our energy. Love of our true self through natural creativity and connected flow is the only real demonstration of love in action upon this planet.

Love is the energy that is pure and we all have it as breath. We exhale and inhale, providing nature with what it needs and it provides us what we need. We cannot prevent this, as it is pure love. Love is not a word. It is the energy within us all that allows us to breathe and be alive.

Attune your self to the energy of self love, through the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and water. Cleanse to be more receptive to this flow as all else is peace, and constant renewal of this life, this love.

We here at Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center serve the will of those that desire balance; physically, mentally, and emotionally, naturally.


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The intent of this site, is to provide an inner view of Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement center, and its Owner Associates, and programs.

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Our only connection to God is nature



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