Attunement is Balance

Life is Nature, Nature is peace

Astrology & Numerology


                                    Power of the Rays of Creation


          In order that you understand your role in this divine scheme of your physical creative presence,  numerology becomes the index to the definition and understanding of your personal creative reality. It is indicative of your spiritual mission actively manifested in your present working cocreative activity on Earth.  According to the numbers in the date of ones birth, brought to its most common integer through occult addition; the individual number indicates the present transcendent mission to which one will devote its present incarnation. This  very important factor marks what we incarnated to do on Earth to fulfill this mission, This number indicates the color of the beam to which we belong in this Earthly scheme of the 7-rays which are the Aura of God or the 7 virtues of the Holy Spirit. Living the virtues of this number one begins to know ones guides and connect with them in the fulfillment of this mission. One automatically begins to vibrate more strongly moving every necessity for the affect of one’s demonstration of creative evolution and the dissolution of mental patterns of negative karma.

            The seven rays are outlined in the chart below. The first ray is the red ray of will power ruled by Mars. Under the Sun’s rulership, the second ray of live/wisdom works in the Earth through instruction and healing. The third or yellow ray of intelligent activity, is the ray upon which the philosophers activate their energy under the rulership of Mercury. The forth ray is ruled by Venus which activates the artistic expression of beauty to balance the energy of conflict. It is known as the ray of harmony through conflict. The fifth blue ray is known as the ray of concrete knowledge and science ruled by the Moon. Upon this ray is the effect of scientific activity both physical and spiritual.  The sixth indigo ray ruled by Saturn in the ray of devotion and idealism, aids each individual cause through devoted service. The seventh violet ray rebuilds and transforms through finance and repetitive ordered activity of ritualistic evolution. This ray is under the domain of the planet Jupiter.

            Learn of your individual creative force and artistically work unceasing toward your personal goal of spreading the divine light of your individual creative ray throughout all of creation in this physical world.

          In order to scientifically realize ones individual life path, continue to add the numbers of ones birthday until the sum becomes an individual number. Example: 10/21/1987 (10+21+1987=2018): (2+18=20): (2+0=2): consequently the number of your working birth path is 2 or orange in the ray of love/wisdom. In the chart below find the number 2 and all of its related elements both above and below. This is the active ray for your present incarnation. Orange foods and clothing can help one more greatly in the activation of one’s divine mission.


Active Principles                                                                 Ray Number                  Working Ray

Will Power and leadership                                                      1                            Red

Love wisdom; creatively healing & Teaching                             2                            Orange

Intelligent activity; Philosophy & mental studies                        3                            Yellow

Harmony through conflict; all artistic endeavors                       4                            Green

Concrete knowledge and science; physical & spiritual                5                            Blue

Devotion and idealism through supportive service                     6                            Indigo

Ritual & Magic; Transformation by repetition & money             7                            Violet



































Cell Salt

Mag. Phos.

Calc. Flour.

Kali Phos.

Kali Mur.


Nat. Sulph.

Calc Phos.

























Body Area











Sex Organs









































Solar Plexus



Third Eye




El Moyer

Serapis Bey

St. Germain

Paul The Venetian















Astrology and the Human Picture



          The seven planets visible to the naked eye represent the seven bodies of man or his seven basic senses. The twelve signs or demarcations of the heavens, is represented as the life trinity times the four elements. Thus each element is its own trinity, expressing its stage of creation, sustenance and transformation.

          Through millions of years and numerous civilizations, the elect of humanity, realizing the periodic planetary circuit, concluded that the seven personal or visible planets were but signatures of the seven stages of our manifestation, growth, and realization out pictured through sound and sight. They concluded that each planet represents a certain tone and or color in our sphere of realization. Each tone or color as it strikes the body creates a physical response or emotional reaction, which might be termed as individual activity. Through color and tone, the planets influence the life force, desire and health of all earthly manifestations or life forms.

          Such was the respect for the law of planetary motion known as astrology, that the elect or priest of the worlds great historically formative cultures defied the planetary agents of change as they hid the knowledge from the masses in their great books of religious lore. The priest in a scheme to protect the masses from the misuse of potent forces of creativity or change, created law books in which they represented the planetary forces as great gods with human powers. Since these gods were created by the priest who would protect their own devious scheme to keep the masses under their control, it was a further tenant of their law that the powers of the so-called gods could be activated only through them.

          Astrology was the forerunner of the religious doctrines of the Chaldeans, the Hindu Brahmans, the Hebrews, the Persians, the Egyptians and the Christians. The priest or elect of these cultures knew the planets to be rulers of or activators of the sepentary creative organs or bodies that make up the living human system known as humanity. Unknown to the masses, every movement, color, sound, number, emotion, thought, all words, all musical tones, days of the week, hours of the day, sectors of the heavens and the physical earth and its humanity, all animal, plant, rock, wave, or any aspect of our cognition, suspicion, intuition or human endeavor is rooted in light which is the mother of the electrical wave.

          Truly all levels of cognition and understanding are and have always been classified according to planetary influence. The essential root of the quantum theory is that light is a luminescent ball that will eventually turn into a wave. Light is the demonstration of the friction caused by the bombardment of atomic particles, producing an electrical demonstration. The circuits of planetary influence, electrically and magnetically interact with the brain and body of humanity influencing their every act and or emotion. Truly each being using the forces of his natal planetary influence will be greatly served by creative energy, as he literally becomes a master within his particular planetary character.

         As we know from the lesson of refraction, all light is not of the same measurement. Even the ancients knew it as they recorded the biblical statement in Corinthians, “There is one glory of the Sun and another glory of the Moon and another glory of the stars for one star differs from another in glory.” 15:41.

          The written characters, of the dominant mother tongues of our recent history both Sanskrit and Hebrew, were originally known as fire letters as they were hand drawn copies of the prevailing star pictures known as the constellations. Psalm 19 states that “The Heavens declare the glory of God”. The farmers through their almanacs, reference equitable planting times based on the heavens. The minstrel and birth cycles as well as the movement of the tides are of the moons domain. As aster is another name for the heavenly lights, lack of knowledge of their movement could be your personal disaster. Consequently, seek and yea shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

          The planets and stars of the heavens are electrical organs in the body of God and work controlling movement in our individual organs, of which our brain is a main part. We are thus affected by electrical energy whether we believe it or not. If you chose to be personally informed, mentally and physically healed and know your karmic activations, then read on.

          God is the reservoir of all of the possibility of creative energy. It does not have measure, meaning, gender or color until parts of its potency is extracted by its supreme puppet and Co-creator on Earth, his on image, mankind. Every thing which you do, feel acquire or know is a reflection upon either your physical, astral or mental body. Light reflected by a red mirror is pink as light reflected by the orange sun is yellow to white. Consequently, so-called knowledge of God is colored by the reflection of the human being who receives and thus conveys his record or thoughts to his fellow humanity.

          The three bodies mentioned above cover the triune existence of all creative or active energy manifestations on earth known through Christianity as father, son and Holy Spirit. In Buddhism and Hindu religions the same is termed creator, sustainer and transformer.

          These activities work on the four phases of material plain existence air, fire earth and water. The four times the three equal the twelve phases of human receipt of God power and his co-creation. Each human being is a manifest mandate of the date and the time of his birth. Although all of humanity has the free will to interpret his life path through his individual creativity, part of his creative fire received through his mind and activated through his creative activity or work is predestined. The key words below represent the general creative march of each sign pertaining to humanity through his physical endeavor. Aries is I am; Taurus I have; Gemini I think; Cancer I feel; Leo I will Virgo I analyze; Libra I balance; Scorpio I desire; Sagittarius I see; Capricorn I direct;  Aquarius I know;: and Pisces I believe.

          Your loving supporter will be either your opposite sign or the same element. The manner in which you value your creative work involves influences of the sign immediately after your birth sign. Your health problems, your dietary influences and concerns about your personal physical labor are activated in the sixth sign from your birth. Your manic fears are the sign immediately before your own.

          Rather than be a mindless laborer or worker for money, become personally responsible to the life that your spirit and soul deemed necessary for this stage of your growth during a previous more lucid phase of your soul activity.

          The Ka or physical body is the personal slave or loving servant to the soul. The soul occupies the fourth plain in the design of seven creative bodies, which make up each human being. The first body is the physical plain the second body which is the etheric astral plain and the third body which is the lower mental plain intelligently governing the astral or plain of desire, these three bodies are expendable, changeable, corruptible and local. These lower three bodies are in existence only during the concerns and evolution of the finite physical body during its singular sojourn upon the earth. Only in the forth plane or higher mental body, are we activating the growth of soul energy, or our light body which is a permanent forever growing aspect of our being. This light body is the permanent vessel or akashic record to which our so-called silver cord or antahkarana is attached. Only through this body is the final plan for our future incarnation actualized.

          The soul body is our individual vessel of light or creative essence. According to our activity during each incarnation we either add to it or subtract from it. Just as our individual creative activity determines the amount of soul or creative essence that is available to us during the next incarnation, it is each individual alone whose judgment of past acts, that determines the positivity or negativity of the prior earthly actions. Like a child in school who does not properly progress through assignments and thus has to repeat a grade, we individually have the ability to rework toward positivity. We can either forget our egos and progress now through creative work or we can repeat in grade for either thousands and thousands of years or incarnations for as long as it takes to build light and return to reason.

          Working this God or light endowed body for mindless consumption of play or appetite gratifying material certainly lacks reason. Obesity, the consumption sickness, and with it the mindless consumption of drugs to keep us sleep walking and working; is destroying our self-esteem, our creative minds and our spiritual awareness. We were created as light bodies. Our individual creative work and the material generated from it create evolving light in person who works his creativity. The material of another’s creation is to us much like the gutter is for rainwater. It is essentially refuse with the price of appeal, which is falsely inflated through media advertising. The fall of humanity was that through since gratification we, with the help of Lusipher, created physical vessels around our light bodies, in which to carry and feel our stuff. We were not meant to be self-conscious or to think of our personal appeal. We were created to work in group consciousness to beautify the earth and turn it into a heaven like world. We pay demonic ministers to teach us that we are to die and go to heaven if we are good servants. Remember the appeal of the Lords Prayer “thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

          Surely we are supposed to tithe to the leaders of our evolution but not to activity, which affects devolution, going backwards and decreasing our soul light through mindless consumption. Hopefully, you who read this and consciously absorb the meaning there of, realize that you are to become a part of a group, living and working for light through your personal creativity. If your just quest is for creatively actualizing your light then you can come and work with me right now as a builder of a new kingdom of light on the east coast at my 200 acre ranch that I have been buying for twelve years by myself, for the present time, that I can morally and mentally, spiritually influence you and any other two or more to join us in creating a heaven like natural healing community, twenty miles east of Eden, N.C.

          I creatively work to pay for this evolving community, as a cosomobiologist and a medicine man creating personalized essential oil and herb formulations for physical body restoration from physical and mental disease. I create potions for changing circumstances as well as fragrant personal oil formulas for love, creativity and self-esteem. I have been a live foodist for more than thirty-four years. Through my astrological practice, I influence people to live their creativity. This is cosomobiololy in action.

          Many a time I have sought history to prove my living theories. One of my historical inquiries led me to study the life of Nicholas Culpepper of the fifteen hundreds. He was the last historically great English physician. His healing practice was based on the individual birth chart and the current symptoms. His healing specialty was the creation of personalized healing potions as I presently do in my practice. If you should care to inquire of him you will see that his success is held in great renown even today. I have been in my practice for about thirty years. About twenty years ago I discovered that this man and I share the same birthday. We both chose to reincarnate at a time when the geometrical pattern of the heavens best assisted us in our creative healing techniques.



life Around the Zodiac in Twenty Four Hours



          Because life is continuity of focus, then we can study it only from the presence with the knowledge that it is rooted in the past. In zodiacal study the past is the discarnate realm, while the presence is the life incarnate represented by ones Horoscope. The current life is to the out breath as the past or Soul life is to the in breath. There is no death for life and death is but a shift in focus of the grand life of the soul.

          "Man know thy self", is possible only through circumspection. The greatest known tool for the study of individual humanity is the personal horoscope. The horoscope is defined as the view of the heavens at the exact time and place of birth. The horoscope is a literal map of the heavens or the vault upon which the planets and stars appear if observed at the exact time and place of birth of the subject studied. This map of stellar body presence shows the potential of light, sound, electromagnetic and electrostatic radiatory fields existing in the birth environment of the subject.

          The animating body or etheric framework of the individual is a creation based on the prevailing electro magnetic field. Everywhere the subject moves upon earth, he subsequently carries the energy of the radiatory frequency of his birth/time/place with him. Because this frequency has an active radiatory radius of approximately eight feet, which is the actual size of the spherical physical body of mankind, then shared physical space creates a new entity based on the blended radiation of shared humanity.

          With the horoscope or map one can study the changing potential of the subject according to the nature of his desire defined by the planet, the activity defined by the sign and the purpose defined by the house. The horoscope representing the potential radiatory frequency of the heavens as reflected upon the earth is comprised of a circle of three hundred and sixty degrees. This map reflected upon the local space on the physical earth represents each seventy-mile segment of the earth’s surface at the equator as one degree. In the area of the Canadian boarder, each degree reflected upon the earth is about fifty-five miles. The three hundred sixty degrees divided equally among the minutes in the twenty-four hour path of the sun represents one degree for each four-minute segment of time.

          With the slightest effort, one can locate his potential or relative self upon the physical earth and in present time. Branches of astrology known to me, that study ones presence in physical space, is Local Space Astrology, Astrocartography, and Geomancy, popularized today in the Japanese art of Feng Shui.

          The dynamic study in which one might find his presence in current time, I call Ascending Astrology. With this tool one can base his chart on the current ascending degree. By setting ones birth chart around the current ascending degree at his present location and delineating it upon this scale, one can literally see his best potential during any given time frame of the day. Excellent examples of such usage would be the determination of personal power times. Ones greatest love or relationship potential is actualized when his Venus or love planet is on the ascendant. Such an arrangement is also the significator of great monetary benefit. Think of the potential of arranging a meeting or a rendezvous at such an auspicious time. One can dynamically increase his potential luck by acting at a time when Jupiter rises upon the ascendant of his chart. This is a time of great mental and spiritual expansion as well as great personal luck.

          The ascendant is the personality or the mental embodiment of any period of time observed by a witness. With this realization, one can study any and all situations through studying or delineating their individual nature while super imposing the nature of the personality of the ascendant upon the individual nature of the subject of the study.

          Through the observation of nature, humanity has come to the realization that there are twelve distinct phases of growth as is evidenced or represented by the twelve signs or the twelve houses of the zodiac chart. Every activity progresses through three distinct phases as is represented in Christianity as father son and Holy Spirit. In the religions of India such phases of reality or growth are embodied in the personages of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. They represent birth, sustenance or growth and the change in the mental atmosphere and the surroundings as a result of the active presence.

          There are four distinct phases or qualities of nature represented by air, fire, water and earth. The existence of each quality is evolved through the three phases of birth, growth sustenance and then transformation or change as a result of the observation by the witness.

          Thus is the natural reason for the representation of the twelve phases of reality in many versions of symbolism in astrology and the books of the world’s great religion.

          When humanity lived its whole life under the stars witnessing the vault of natures cathedral, the sky, he had time to contemplate the natural phases in nature during the day and the night as he was not distracted from contemplation through reading, writing, games or television. His only game after sunset and before sleep was the witness of the night sky and its changes in relationship to the changes, which he witnessed on Earth. Although there seems to be ambivalence in religious circles about the use of star logic (astro logy) the truth is that the great books speak about humanities inability to control or totally understand the movement there of. Numerous passages in the bible and other revered books of the world’s great religions speak of the observation of the heavens with great respect, three of which are listed below:




The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Psalm 19:1


Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth the Mazzaroth (zodiac) in their season? Or can you guide the Bear with its children? Do you know the ordinances, of the heavens? Can you establish their rule on Earth? Job 38:31-33.


There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differs from another in glory. I Corinthians 15:41


In order that humanity more easily understand the changes and cycles of nature, the arc of the heavens was divides into twelve segments known as houses, each having thirty degrees of arc if viewed from the equator. The house system and our current order of knowledge were set up when the spring equinox arrived in April some four thousand years ago. Thus the house system reflects the embodiment of the zodiac, as it appeared when spring arrived in the sign of Aries. As this was the beginning of abstract reasoning: humanity realigning himself as a distinct entity apart from nature: the first house is all about self, the head, personal feelings, desires and appearance. The second house represents the neck and the possessions of value that support his life. The third house represents arms and lungs and mans ability to understand and communicate with his immediate environment including his family.

As contemplation of his personal reality grew in his personal cognition, the fourth house represented his stomach and nature of personal supportive domain, which includes his home and ancestry who taught him the basis of his reality. The fifth house represents the heart and spine and in his nature it represents his love, children and expressions of his creative joy. The sixth house represents his small intestines and his work, work clothing, health and agents of work to support his life.

The seventh house representing the loins and kidneys in the physical body represents a new emergence in his reality as he extends his cognition to a partner whether marriage or a working partner to help support his personal desires. In physical body symbolism, the eighth house represents the sex organs and the anus. Abstractly, it represents the fruits of the partnership experience and thoughts surrounding death and the nether world. The ninth house rules the thighs and the shared and growing knowledge of the partnership including travel, religious practice and the political rudiments of inter group outreach.

As his cognition of interpersonal reality grew, his thoughts of public image concerning occupation and public value emerged. Thus is the rulership concern of the tenth house along with the knees in the physical body. After contemplating his worth in his society, his thoughts of his future or desired value with the support of his friends grew so the eleventh house physically rules the calves and ankles and the desire of humanity concerning hopes and wishes of the future. The twelfth house rules the feet and in the realm of cognition it rules the unknown or fear. There is the embodiment of all of the fears of humanity whether self imposed or brought to him by unknown others or the misunderstood forces of nature or environment. This is known as the house of physical self undoing as it is the unknown that most hinders our progressive development.

Based upon the exact hour and minute of birth, a zodiacal road map, known as one’s personal horoscope (hour view of the heavens at birth), can be drawn to finitely measure the date and the hour of changing influences of the revolving earth in relationship to the vault of the heavens, as such changing influences change our inner reality electrically, magnetically, and geometrically. These changing influences are imprinted in the psyche or physical body as they are received by the senses of smell, sight, hearing, taste, and feeling. We are thus changed as our senses imprint nature’s changes upon our psychic computer. Just as we become the result of our nature after suddenly getting cold or wet, we are the active creative moving influence that befalls us through nature’s presence in our field of activity. These and all changes test us in our growth toward our unchanging will to activate the presence of good (God) in all of our waking, creative endeavors. Our only reason for being or living this physical life is to create physical vessels or bodies in which God (good) can become conscious and live and create through us as we walk and act upon this physical earth.

Consequently, our study of the nature that changes in heaven’s affect upon us is to make us more conscious of the realm of our capacity to economically effect creative love, beauty, wisdom and joy upon this physical earth. I have extended my formal education in economics to become an economist in nature’s creative unfoldment. I apply economics (the ability to attain the greatest good (God) in my diet, my creative work, my social relations, my philosophy in practice (religion), and my creative play) as I labor and play to build an international healing spa therapy center.

In the realm of zodiacal knowledge there is word or cognitive symbology that is the domain of each planet, house or sign. If I should choose to study some aspect of my reality for greater creative efficiency, I have only to put the symbol in the correct house upon the horizon, or at the point of the ascendant to study it in its twelve creative phases. Since the sun rules our creativity, then one can study his twelve phases of creativity by putting his sun on the horizon of his birth chart or study himself in the present planetary positions by putting his sun sign on the horizon of a chart of today’s planetary positions. One can study his expansion or luck by doing the same with the planet Jupiter. One can study his active love or sex nature by thus arranging the midpoint of Venus and Mars at his birth upon the horizon for study. 

Comprehending this inclusive narrative, one might inquire of the truth of this presentation. One might ask why have I not been privy to this knowledge. My pointedly straight answer begs another rhetorical question. Why have you learned not to destroy your live food by putting it to death on your stove? Why have you learned not to worship idols, no matter what name you call them when the great books of all of the world’s great religions tell you that God (good) is greater in you than he that is in the earth or anywhere else?

Ignorance keeps you from understanding your highest creative endeavor as worshiping a god outside of yourself keeps you from becoming God (good) in all of your waking endeavors. Remember the admonitions of old: “Knock and it shall be opened unto you”; “Seek and you shall find”; and, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” One has to consciously do his own physical work to effect his own evolution. One cannot follow the masses into the kingdom of God (good). If one’s activity were the result of his indweller in the heart (God), then there would be no leadership or followship, for all activity would be divine. The straight and narrow path to your personal truth is to run far from the path of the masses, including all religions. Go to your own closet and contemplate, meditate, fast, and pray. It is written in your Bible; read Matthew 6:6. When you emerge, act as if you are God (good) through personal service to your entire fellow environs, element, flora, or fauna.

Planetary and chart motion activated together create personal change and growth thusly. There are 360 degrees in the circular arc of the sky or in the heavens as astrology terms it. The 360 degrees is the field of expressed possibility. We express possible activity through our ego. The ego demarcation on the chart represents the exact place where the sky meets the Earth at the exact moment of your birth at the place where you were born Every two hours the field or ground of your personal expression moves clockwise around the chart slightly change the manner in which you express your feeling as the day progresses. One need only be concerned about the exact hours of chart motion if he is researching a very critical situation in life.

The planets represent player positions on the field described above. The planetary players move counter clockwise as time marches on.  The sun plays the position of leadership in creative activity. The Moon reads the immediate activity of the Sun in comparison to what could be. Mercury accesses the field of operation and draws a mental picture that that he is capable of communicating to family and community. Venus gives one a mental check on activity that you access you ability to create beauty for yourself and your fellow peers and environmental players. If your activity is commensurate with your proper realized desire then Mars becomes the power to speed the accomplishment. Mars can also be a formidable defender if your work needs protection.

Jupiter allows one to witness his work upon the background of ultimate wisdom in accomplishment. This becomes a brick in your long-term soul growth resulting from your personal activity. If the placement of your expansionary bricks looks good to your idea of ultimate personal achievement then Saturn seals the joints for at least 28 years. Every 28 years the joints are critically checked to see if they should be fortified or should they be torn down to create a fresh start for your soul accomplishment. Uranus tests the foundation in each of the twelve departments of ones life, through sudden mental and physical gyration over a seven-year period. If it is good then Neptune seals your growth in you body of absolute love.

If your evolutionary growth in active accomplish is fortified and well actualized then Pluto will add greater light in each succeeding area of soul growth for the twelve departments in your chart or field of life endeavor. Since Pluto expands the light of evolutionary design in each house from 12 to 22 years, then your life design takes on a critical focus for life accomplishment during any given incarnation. In the average lifetime, Pluto will move through a maximum of six houses. The active energy of the house where Pluto transits will be critically tested and accessed in the areas of reason and accomplishment. The point where you die is that point where your soul will no longer accept the challenge of enlightened change. Pluto in your life acts like a jack lifting each area of soul accomplishment into the light of critical reason, assessment and accomplished activation. When your physical light goes out, when you die to this Earthly endeavor, then Pluto secures the arrangement of your current crown of light, and fuels it to shine until a dramatic change in your soul purpose, which may well be your next incarnation. Thus Pluto is the ruler of death and regeneration.


The following definitions make the planetary influences more easily understood:


The Sun - represents that energy or love that we give to the world of manifestation for its growth and advancement. Just as the sun nurtures the earth by giving its warmth and light, truly our only reason for being is the active experiment of creating a more beautiful loving physical and emotional environment for life on earth. The most active day of the Sun’s energy is Sunday and the most active hours are the first three hours after sunrise. The most active emotion or ethic of the Sun is altruistic love and joyful creativity. The organ of physical activity is the navel while the heart is the area of weakness or stress, influencing blood pressure and eyesight. The color is orange; the number or ray type is 2, known as Love Wisdom. The most generally sought work area of the Sun influence is teaching, healing and the performing art. The foods that most balance this type are honey, raisins, citrus fruits, tropical foods, olives, avocados, bay laurel, rosemary, nuts and seeds and brown rice.

The Moon - represents the energy of good emotional responses saved from past lives to be called upon in this life when instinctive response is necessary. Physically, the moon rules growth and the waters of the corporal body. Most active the first three hours after sunrise on Monday, the ethic of the moon type is that of scientifically creating a nurturing physical environment for the family. The throat chakra is the active creative organ while weakness is manifested in the stomach region. The color is sky blue while the number or ray is 5, Concrete Knowledge and Science. Ruling the sign Caner, the foods that best balance the moon type are leafy head vegetables, pumpkins and melons, prunes, olives and figs, chickweed, calamus and round root vegetables.

Mercury - governs responses of the thinking mind and physical communication. Physically ruling the nervous system, Mercury is most active on the first three hours after sunrise on Wednesday. Activating the reasoning mind and the mind of the body physical through the electronic network known as the nervous system, Mercury works most abundantly through the solar plexus chakra. As it rules the signs Gemini and Virgo, the Mercury energy expresses through the color yellow and the number or ray 3, Intelligent Activity with a work ethic of reporting the findings of philosophical research. The foods that best balance the Mercury type are sub acid fruits, carrots, parsnips, celery, pomegranates, whole wheat, and the herbs fennel, liquorice, fenugreek and horehound.

Venus - rules the love instinct, physical magnetism, and the beauty of physical form. Through the activity of the heart chakra, working in conjunction with the lungs, Venus rules the oxygenation of the blood activating the physical fires of life. Most active on Friday the first three hours after sunrise, Venus expresses its artistic creativity through the color green and number and ray 4, Harmony through conflict. The work ethic is that of artistic creativity through performance and two-dimensional media. The foods most sought by Taurus and Libra under the rulership of Venus are the sweet juicy fruits such as apples, peaches, figs, apricots, blackberries, strawberries, beans, olives, tomatoes, lettuce, artichoke, rose hips, angelica and burdock.

Mars - rules physical power and forward thrusting energy. It is the energy of the physical empowerment of humanity as the soul works through its animal essence or coat of skin. Tuesday is the power day for Mars, expressing itself most abundantly during the first three daylight hours. The base chakra is the point from whence the physical power flows while stress or weakness is most manifest in the skin. Mars ruling the head in the physical body concerns itself with the eyes, ears, nose and throat and the blood flow in these environs, which under stress may cause headaches. The native prone to stress sensitivity may go through periods of sociopathic imbalance every two years as the periodic return of mars to the place at birth is every two years. The Mars energy at work expresses itself through pugilism, mining and blacksmithing as well as work in guard and protective services. Through number 1, the ray of Will power, the red energy of Mars is supported most effectively through the Aries and Scorpio high potency diet of aloes, beets, carrots, ginger, honeysuckle, leeks, mustard greens, onions, peppers, pimentos, pine nuts, raspberries, and valerian. Protective minerals of Martian energy are agate, bloodstone, cats eye, diamond and the metal iron.

Jupiter - is the planet of physical growth, expansion and luck. Ruling the sign Sagittarius and the ninth house of the zodiac: it concerns itself with religious and philosophical ideals advanced education, printing, publishing and universal thoughts and ideals global politics, long distance travel and voyages by sea. The Pisces expression of Jupiter is advance seership and nurturing human service. Being the largest planet in our known universe Jupiter well represents its size in its sphere of influence. On a moral and mental level, it represents the religious and philosophical urge to drive toward expansion and enlarge its domain through growth. Where ever it is found in the chart or whatever planet or point it touches through aspect, it bodes dramatic expansion and luck. If found in ones second house ruling money, then that soul never wants for money or possessions and generally supplies the relevant needs of his deserving peers. Where ever its influence is felt is where the greatest amount of optimism and joy will be realized and where the least amount of caution will be exhibited. Jupiter can even dispel the gloom of Saturn. Jupiter with its gifts returns to the place in our chart where it was at our birth, every twelve years. Consequently, activity projected to commence at ages twelve, twenty four, thirty six, forty eight and sixty are all supported through abundance, luck, joy and knowledge leading to personal fortification of ones philosophy and religious zeal. Like itself, the biggest planet in our system, Jupiter, rules the hip and thigh, the largest muscle group in the body. Minerals that bring expansion and luck are amethyst, carbuncle, turquoise and the metal tin. Foods that fortify and expand are apples, apricots, asparagus, beets, chestnuts, endive, figs, grapes, leeks, maple syrup, molasses, nutmeg, olives, plums, prunes and raisins.

Saturn - rules the restrictive forces acting upon ones life and the lessons learned through responsibly removing the forces of restriction. One learns the greatest lesson of Saturn as maturity allows the native to more properly regard and understand the limitations of structure. The test and retributive cleansing activity of Saturn is so pointedly served in our lives because, it is the planet that rules the sustenance and desolation of all material structures in our influence. Its home or rulership in the birth chart is over Capricorn and the tenth house. Capricorn and the tenth house concern themselves with the public status of our projected and active presentation to the physical plain through the fruit of our works, which is generally known as our profession and our reputation, which is the manner in which we deliver the fruit of our profession. It rules ambition through which we build our desire, goals through which we plan and project the activation of our desire through our work, and honors which represent the celebrated fruit of our work as rudimentally influenced through our mother. Saturn is known as the teacher for the lessons that we learn through the growth or desolation of our desired structural or physical world. Where Saturn is found in the chart is that point or concern where we are most cautious or where we lack the feeling of being sufficiently prepared and thus may develop hate due to our projected inadequacy. In Aquarius Saturn activates enlightened optimism affected through group endeavors. Saturn returns to the point in the chart where it was at our birth every twenty nine years giving us the greatest lessons or disruption at ages twenty nine, fifty eight and eighty seven for the long livers. Because Saturn controls calcium balance, it heavily involves the health of the teeth, and the bones especially the knees and the lower back. The minerals, which help us sustain our structure and guard against our inadequacy, are garnet, jet or onyx, obsidian, calcium and lead. The sustaining foods are, barley, black berries, black and white radishes, carrots potatoes, rye, white beets and yams.

Uranus - the ruler of Aquarius and the eleventh house of the birth chart activates sudden but unexpected change in the life of the native. As it is the planet of awakening and enlightenment, it brings to the native independence of action and thought affecting high creativity in a uniquely individualistic manner. The placement in the chart shows the native where there will be platonic feelings, dictatorial activity where sudden or life-changing events will manifest without warning. Because of its drive toward individual action, Uranus is one of the main forces in divorce or the desolation of any partnership. Uranus being a higher extension of the planet mercury, it can exert extensive power over others in its drive to bring unique all encompassing original creative demonstration to the physical plane. Acceptance of change creates growth while blocks upon the forces of change cause irritation. In the physical body, Uranus rules the ankles where it can cause shocks or spasms and unexpected change in nerve or electrical activity of the body. In the creative world, it rules astrology, uniquely creative technological advances, electricity, lightening and invention. In the chart it represents a point of general reversal or reorientation. In oils and herbs Uranus rules sandalwood and cedar. In the food line, it rules non or false foods that are generally eaten including those doctored with drugs, chemical preservatives and radiation. Positive Uranian foods share the rulership with Saturn.

Neptune - rules ecstasy and illusion or growth out of the physical body and into the forces of spiritual love. In our quest to beget love, beauty and goodness, through our activity, Neptune represents the total planetary picture. Lack of definition is Neptune’s rulership over anything that has no definite shape. It rules gases, oil, fluids, the sea, chaos, confusion, longing, sorrows, obsession, fraud, drugs, poison foods and chemicals, psychic experience, sensitivity and the Sign Pisces. Its greatest activity is on Thursday morning as it shares other features with the planet Jupiter. 

Pluto - rules the replacement of ineffective physical vessels by a higher order of creation generated into manifestation through the forces of transformation. Ruler of Scorpio and the 8th house, Pluto’s urge is to work behind the scene to rebuild and regenerate. It rules the male sex organs and excretion. Sharing physical energy with Mars, its power manifest most abundantly on Tuesday morning. See mars for other shared aspects.



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