Attunement is Balance

Life is Nature, Nature is peace

Artis Hinson owner of Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center


           "The stream that flows as Art"


    Art at age 39, 1983               


I A Conscious Stream

I am a vessel of light brought to Earth in the active embodiment of  the Indigo Ray of service, in the  midst of World War II; that the divine creator could become physically conscious in this Earth living through my  body mind, and soul to actively demonstrate the activity of physical human regeneration through the practice and activation of Divine Spiritual Economics. Embodied to actively test science in the in the intelligence of the physical bodily manifestation of self, I from a child questioned the validity of religious as well as educational institutions. After the realization of post graduate work in the field of economics at Howard University, I came upon an epiphany that institutionally led and sanctioned works was not about to bring the consciousness and truth to me that I craved. Having written my master’s thesis, I dropped out of the program to find and test my own truth.

As a scientist, economist, spiritualist, visionary, astrologer, ordained minister and entrepreneur, I set out to learn of the science of spirit in physical embodiment through the physical test and practice, through my world travels, my business of 37 years; the Body Ecology Attunement Center as well as the study and collection of my library of revealed teachings of the world’s greatest healers. My quest for knowledge of self in physical embodiment has strengthened my spirit as I practice physical regeneration through live foods, live herbal therapeutics, live water and the personal application of Cosmo biology in my healing regenerative energetics. My applied success in physical human regeneration; dispelling the thought of incurables over the past 35 years; has led some to call me Doctor Art. In divine economy I practice the shortest path to human regeneration through the astro electrification; through the healing energies of live food, herbs, water as well as earth stones and soil.

I demonstrate the literary knowledge and basis of my practice, having authored my landmark book of historic and spiritual practice, From Dogma to Light. I  have been vindicated in my practice, as Satchitanand Rajah of India came to live, teach and practice with me as I resided in Washington, D.C. in the late 70’s. The timeless nature of my practice is vindicated through the apprenticeship of my devoted 28 year old wife “Seven Star”, who is my fulltime partner and student. My partnership with spirit and earth consciousness is vindicated by my becoming stuart over more than 200 acres of land, which I started purchasing in the mid 90’s for the express purpose of building a regenerative spa therapy center in Virginia on the North Carolina boarder.

My will is to show all who desire mental, physical and spiritual regeneration; the working physical path to their personal fulfillment.

Artis E. Hinson   

                                                        (ABOVE) Artis in his daily Yoga routine ~ Vitality is Art                                                  


Art at age 66, 2010  

@ 70                                      

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Artis E. Hinson, astrologer, herbalist, living foods chef and author of, "From Dogma to Light" and creator of, Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center, est 1975 in Washington DC.

  Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center is dedicated to body, mind and spiritual alignment, through living foods, herbal remedies for any condition, crystals, transformative books and life chart readings. 


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The history of Artis, structure for the future...


 Art in the woods, on the 216 acres he purchased for healing spa Reflective Gateways, 2003



Below is Art in his 1st Store in Washington DC, at age 25, "Phoenicia Ltd"






 Artis is standing, his brother Clint is seated. Art's first wife is standing beautifully to the right.







Art placed the 1st Mobile stores into action, in Washington DC 1975, Body Ecology on wheels(below). The innovator!






Art still drives the volvo's:-)

Article in DC, Below




 Art opens 1st Pyramid Store in Washington,DC- below, 1981

Bleow is a photo of the store located

1985 Art opened Body Ecology Down Town Greensboro (below)




  A fire burned the downtown location up, and Art had to regroup, to keep on serving!

Better than ever!



                                   Body Ecology Product Website here BODYECOL.WEBS.COM


Now 2014 we are living on our land in Virginia and laying the foundation for Reflective Gateways healing center!

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Artis Hinson, appointed Ambassador for Peace, with Wife 7 StarLight Earthfeather                        Dec 07,2010



Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center, owned by Artis E. Hinson; Author of

"From Dogma to light", herbalist for over 35 years, astrologer (Art's astrological website, ), physicist, alchemist and energy foods

chef; was established in Washington D. 1975. Graduating from Howard University

with a degree in economics, Artis soon discovered his calling realizing the efficiencies that

govern the creation which we call life. Creating his first health food and metaphysical store

in Washington, DC, 15 years later he re-created his store in his home town of Greensboro,

NC, and he has been planted here since 1985, serving humanities healing needs nationwide.                                                                                                                            

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Artis, is a life foodist, consuming only living, whole foods for over 37 years. His love of

 humanity and world travels and expansive study of world religions and cultures, excited his

desire to effect change, by promoting life in a world of "dead nutrition ". Artis begin

studying the impersonal aspect of energy after he was introduced to the ancient sciences of

life,  numerology, and astrology.  Utilizing his mastery of astrology, Artis combines the

sciences of life to effect greater healing in his clients on many energetic levels of their being with live water, live foods and live herbal remedies  .


    Art age 46                           



Artis confidently serves humanity, with the power of natures design. Artis Hinson, instructs

life food preparation, self discovery and wholistic wellness seminars weekly,with CCOW

among other groups.

Artis Hinson is known as the pillar of the conscious

community in the United States, North Carolina's little/big secret. Daily he enjoys his yoga,

meditation and work of healing. He looks forward to many years, and having his first child

after the age of 66, and continuing his journey of rejuvenation at his, 200 acre Spa Therapy

Center in southern Virginia..

"let the electric energy of life, flow through thee, in miraculous attunement to thy almighty creator, thy higher self" Art


Art pictured here with Dick Gregory, in Body Ecology, early 1990. DIck Gregory presents Art his Bohemian Diet-pic2

Art pictured here early 1990, sharing with the people

"Art is a clear reflection, being always in the flow of love, a love that I have never

experienced. Divine reflection.  Lest we purify our sight from within, and experience love

without." 7 Starlight Earthfeather 2009, updated 2016...yeah still true*



                                "From Dogma to Light" By. Artis Hinson

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Married Feb 13th,2011, Mr and Mrs Hinson

Artis and wife 7 Starlight Earthfeather    



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