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Life is Nature, Nature is peace

Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center, est 1975

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 The mission of Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center, is to bridge the gap in learning to allow head and heart to act as one. Our center exists for those that seek transformation and choose to evolve into an wholistic, healthier way of life and we provide the attunement resources, that support your evolution! The Body Ecology family includes husband and wife, Owner Artis Hinson and Mrs. Hinson aka 7 Starlight Earthfeather.

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Life is not a Viable option, But A Mandate

by. Artis Hinson



If you are an ecologist, a lover of life, a reveler, a researcher, thinker, teacher, or a member of the self respecting spiritually conscious, then live food is a must, lest you come to the end of your quest, ill, dejected, barely clinging to life.

Like elephants, eagles, turtles, and whales, human beings are capable of living 300 or more years, even in today’s times. The problem, with our creativity, gender definition, health, love, spirituality and self respect is that we seek to nurture ourselves with cooked non electric foods when electric powered enzymes trigger absolutely all physical activity. In a dead sea scrolls translation “The Essene Gospel of Peace states – ‘from life comes only life and from death comes always death, so eat not anything which fire or frost or water has destroyed.


Statistics has shown that animals and humans that are feed cooked food, destroy their environment, their health, and presently live only one forth of their possible lifetime capabilities. Statistics prove that countries that go to war the most eat the most cooked foods and that criminal activity is a direct influence of an "energy-less" die-it .  All of the leaders of the world’s great religions,as well as philosophers, were live foodist.Some of these individuals include Plutarch, Porphyry, William Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Francois Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, Richard Wagner, Gen. William Booth, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Dr. J. H. Kellogg, Alexander Pope, Rabindra-nath Tagore, Leo Tolstoy, Upton Sinclair, H. G. Wells, Albert Einstein, Dr. Annie Besant, George Bernard Shaw, Gen. George Montgomery, Albert Schweitzer, Mahatma Gandhi, J. Krishnamurti, and His- Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet, the buddhas as well as Jesus the Christ. Should’nt you at least make the experiment on yourself? Your other choice is to continue to follow the masses into mental instability, ill health and early death.


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On December 07,2010, Artis Hinson and 7 Starlight Earthfeather were appointed as Ambassador's for Peace, by The Universal Peace Federation and The Inter-religious Federation for world peace.      (BELOW)                    


 Artis Hinson (From Dogma to Light) and 7 Starlight Earthfeather ( Heart Life/Living Minister) are non-convientional teachers of life, below they are pictured at Pastoral Conference which promotes Unity of all beliefs upon the Oneness of Life.




We are servants to the survival of hue-manity, and our cause is, evolutionary life. We promote life attunement practices of meditation, internal cleansing, and ingestion of living whole foods, as a way of life. We use only nature in the creation of our products, we prepare natural uncooked vegetable, fruit, nuts and seed cuisine for the promotion of ultimate wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Classes are available for instruction, for energy foods, contact us @ 336 273 7406

Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center has many other resources for growth which include:

-Personalized healing therapeutic essential oil blends, attuned to your date of birth for all physical body or mind imbalances.

Having over 35 years of experience call and ask of our resource in your personal attunement.

336 273 7406

Conditions include but are not limited too;

cancer, aids, acne, artery cleansing, diabetes,digestive efficiency, high blood pressure, joint pain, organ renewal, parasite cleansing, thyroid imbalance, weight loss, infertility, male sexual energy, STD's, hormone imbalance, skin therapy, immune, as well as addiction and  mental imbalance.

If you can approach the description of your physical condition, we can assist in creating your personalized natural therapeutic!

Dosage to be taken internally. 1/4 tspn 3 times a day as well topical usage.

                      Come in and read our handwritten, personal testimonials!

" According to my blood work, the doctors said that I had cancer. Someone told me about Art. He made me a personal therapeutic blend and I took it everyday until it was gone. When I went back to the doctors my blood work showed no sign of cancer!"  Anita G.


We create natural healing essential oil cologne, personalized for you, attuned to your birth energy.

We use essentials distilled from 6 lbs of healing herbs for your personal trans-formative therapies. 2000 years in history of planetary research attest to the reliability of our trans-formative processes. Ask to look at our guidebooks and resources if you desire.




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                            Wedding of Artis and 7 Starlight Earthfeather

Feb 13th 2011, a joyous occasion! Thank you to everyone that celebrated with us. Thank you to everyone's giving heart and loving wishes! This was an amazing warm February day filled with the most beautiful community and pure love energy. Cars aligned the streets, and our back yard was filled with beautiful faces, over 100.  

Cars filled or neighborhood street!



The ceremony begin with a song, by my cousin Charlene, Alicia Keys "no one"

The brides divine and beautiful brother walked her down the aisle






Beautiful Caleb held our rings and was so disciplined and mature, he held his post,, through a lot of talking! Love Caleb

 Now Pronounced bride and groom, Mr& Mrs. Hinson Feb 13, 2011

7 Herambe's representing the 7 Kwanzaa principles.


Honor to my mom and grandmom, thank you for bring forth my life!




 We called up various supporters and family to thank them for their love



This beautiful crowd, OMG! Thank you all for loving us, for loving yourselves!


 Our wedding took place in our newly rejuvenated back yard.